Covid-19, Coronavirus Clinical Trials in Canada

With the pandemic of Covid-19 continuing across the globe, pharmaceutical companies, scientists, hospitals and health care organizations around the world continue to accelerate clinical research to find a treatment and possible vaccine. In Canada, the number of Covid-19, coronavirus clinical trials has been steadily growing.

As of May 1st, 2020, there were 29 active Clinical Trials operating in Canada focused on Covid-19.

Although Clinical Trials take time, we expect further growth over the next few months in the number of Clinical Trials for Covid-19 in Canada and around the world. We will publish any updates as data of new Clinical Trials are made available.


Download a Covid-19 Clinical Trial in Canada summary report

We have co-published a report on Covid-19 Clinical Trials in Canada with our friends at the drug regulatory consultancy SPharm. We have taken clinical trial data for Canada directly from provided by the National Institutes of Health and published a summary of the data in a format that is hopefully useful to digest.

Some of the data provided includes:

  • # of Covid-19 Clinical Trials by Canadian Province
  • # of Covid-19 Clinical Trials by Sponsors/Collaborators
  • # of Covid-19 Clinical Trial by Drug Interventions


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