Whitepaper, Articles and Reports on Clinical Trial Design and Statistical Analysis


Take your clinical trial design from good to great.

Poor trial design or planning is the main cause of issues or errors occurring in clinical trials. No amount of statistical methods can rescue poor trial design.

Study start-up is a stressful time. Investors, executives, and trialists push to reach the first milestone of recruiting patient ONE, this makes it easy to miss opportunities to reduce recruitment requirements or study duration through careful planning. It is important to not rush the study start-up process and to ensure your study is primed for efficiency and precision. The design of the Clinical Trial is a critical step in implementing a successful clinical research program. Investing in clinical trial design enables you to maximize the value of your overall investment.

Given its importance, we decided to invest in writing and publishing a guide and checklist recommending study design features that can help improve your clinical trials and likely save you time, money, and reduce risks to patients.


Take The Pain Out Of Clinical Trials

As a research pharma or biotech, you face a complex and regulatory-heavy environment. New developing products make competition fierce, while a trend in regulatory control of protocols and funding has created myriad challenges for building a case to maintain funding levels year over year.

To keep time and funds spent during the clinical phases reduced and the information provided by subjects maximized, you may want to take a new look at the teams and professionals you use, and how you use them. Statisticians for one, can play a key role in efforts to enhance, optimize, and re-engineer process and operations.

Please download this whitepaper to learn more about how bringing statisticians in early can optimize the clinical trial process.


Two case studies show the benefits of Adaptive by Design trials

How do we launch a trial that is good by design? By making it adaptive. Adaptive-By- Design allows for adjustments and modifications during the clinical trial, making the study responsive in real-time. We look at two case study scenarios that illustrate the benefits of Adaptive Trial Design.

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There is an adage which states: “lead with your strength”.  What a great time to remark on the strengths of Canadian Life Sciences industry and share with our peers a number of impressive facts.

Recognized worldwide for its research excellence and the quality of its research clinicians, Canada has proven to be a world-class location for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to conduct their clinical trials. In fact, the majority of the world’s top pharma companies choose Canada as one of their top clinical trial locations.

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