Take Your Clinical Trial Design from Good to Great

Take your clinical trial design from good to great.

Poor trial design or planning is the main cause of issues or errors occurring in clinical trials. No amount of statistical methods can rescue poor trial design.

Study start-up is a stressful time. Investors, executives, and trialists push to reach the first milestone of recruiting patient ONE, this makes it easy to miss opportunities to reduce recruitment requirements or study duration through careful planning. It is important to not rush the study start-up process and to ensure your study is primed for efficiency and precision.

Investing in your Clinical Trial Design maximizes your investment.

The design of the Clinical Trial is a critical step in implementing a successful clinical research program. Investing in clinical trial design enables you to maximize the value of your overall investment.

Given its importance, we decided to invest in writing and publishing a guide and checklist recommending study design features that can help improve your clinical trials and likely save you time, money, and reduce risks to patients.

We hope you find it of value. If we can provide guidance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

About Alimentiv Statistics Trial Design services

Alimentiv Statistics’s 40 years of experience will help in providing tailored clinical trial design specific to your research goals. We can recommend appropriate trial designs ranging from simple single end point designs to more sophisticated Bayesian adaptive designs.

We’ll develop clinical study plans and protocols and provide the knowledge and support that is required to best address your specific business goals. Not only do we leverage our extensive experience, track record and current insight to design your protocol but we use a collaborative approach to clinical trial design that helps us define challenges, opportunities, data sets, assumptions, benefits, risks and validations for your team.

The depth of experience from our team of experts will help you realize the full potential of your protocol.

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